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Neko Jump

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miss my baby so bad


actually, this is my 2nd time in london. the first time was just like on the underground tube whole time! not even see any buildings. and today i had an appointment with my sister at oxford circus (it’s 5mins far from the king cross st. pancras). thus i took the train from nottingham to london [...]

World’s End Rhapsody

Nujabes - World’s End Rhapsody

Alton Towers

yesterday, i went to alton towers and it’s just great!. alton towers is in Staffordshire it takes about 1 hour and 30minutes by bus from Nottingham. i spend 19pounds on the buffet ticket so i can play any ride in this themepark it’s really worth to buy. anyway, i also bought the fast track ticket [...]

The Naked And Famous – Young Blood

im falling in love with this song. love the vid, love the tune and love the lyrics. can’t stop listening. ♥

PES2011 Unboxing!


this is my necessary. i think im going to live with these cartons within only 2-3 months. my main reason that i brought many cigarettes to uk because in thailand, it’s just like 6pounds per one carton (10packs inside). however, in uk it’s 6POUNDS per pack! THIS IS SO SICK. im gonna be poverty-stricken for sure after [...]

Tight Long John Dry Stretch

nice jeans eh? =)