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I vomited hard last night. 3 shots of Absinthe ( highly alcoholic like 70% ABV while vodka is only 40%), 4 glasses of cocktails long drink,  and 2 pints of beer at Terracotta, Beeston. then i got so fucked up then i got home. vomiting 4-5times like there was nothing left in my stomach. im [...]

Norwegian Wood (2010) Trailer

i wish i could watch this movie in UK. it’s my all time favourite book

The Evolution of the Apple Mouse

1983: Lisa Mouse i really love this one. so cute 1984: Macintosh Mouse 1993: Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II 1998: Apple USB Mouse 2005: Apple Mighty Mouse hate to say this. i own this one and it’s the most stupid mouse that i’ve ever used (except its beauty) 2009: Apple Magic Mouse maybe the best [...]



finally i’ve made up this blog. i never do the diary or write any note, but blogging is always in my mind. after spending over 4 hours to manage with the hosting, domain and wordpress, i came up with this page. i know my english is SUCK, but anyway i will force myself to do [...]